Hello Vienna!

PyLadies as an International movement aims to provide a friendly support network for women and a bridge to the larger Python world. Anyone with an interest in Python is encouraged to participate (yes, that means guys too)!

Our local chapter is planning the next workshop on February 22nd. This time we'll leave Django behind and have a little introduction to Flask, directly from its maintainer! How awesome is that? If you're new to the group, worry not: we are always happy about newcomers, and we always have coaches ready to help with python and installation basics.

What you're getting into? Well... Check out some pictures from our very first event in July 2013 - sponsored by Usersnap and CheckiO - and feel free to look at the slides of the lightning talks! Like to get started by learning about the terminal and interactive Python (Mac users only)? This way please!

rsvp here

The Venue

Siebenbrunnengasse 44
1050 Vienna

The Coaches

Floor Drees, org / coach

Laura Gaetano, org / coach

Drazen Lucanin, org / coach

Angeliki Chrysochou, org / coach

Armin Ronacher, coach